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Digitalization in Cooperatives National Conference-2021

Background and Purpose:

Cooperatives are strong stakeholderin the context of Nepal working closely with public and private sector;providing financial and nonfinancial services to its members and community. The sector is diligently working in close coordination with federal, provincial and local level governments for synchronized collaboration and cooperation. Simultaneously, cooperatives are the most networked community-based organization with diverse service delivery capacityespecially in rural areas. As a result, cooperatives are able to play a significant role on human development, sustainable development goals and in constricting multidimensional poverty throughout the country. In order to well mobilizecooperatives for their growth, and effective service delivery, National Cooperative Federation of Nepal (NCF), an apex body of the cooperative movement of all types and levels of cooperatives, is continuously functioning with the concept of changing work of world. The global pandemic has shown multiple challenges to work in a normal pace and to reach out the members and community. Hence, the importance of digital technology and its common usage become a prime concern of cooperatives in Nepal to compete in workplace and for desired output.


Representing nearly 30,000 cooperatives throughout the country with the involvement of 6.8 million individual members and has mobilizes more than 94 billion share capital, more than 4 billion savings and 4 billion as a loan investment. In this context, NCF is leading and functioning encompassing its member organizations and primary cooperatives for decent economic, social, cultural and environmental aspirations of its members and community. With the vision of "A leading Federation of Sustainable and Decent Cooperative Movement", and a national themeof "Cooperatives for Decent Business and Technology",NCF is objectified to regularly promote, strengthen and empower cooperatives and their working environment with the support of technology and digital platforms. From the last couple of decades or before, NCF is focusing on the uninterrupted growth and technology intervention in cooperatives to engage them in competitive technological world. Thus, empowering different level cooperatives, their management structure and leadership habits to go through digitalization process became a common intension of NCF.


Based on this, Digitalization in Cooperatives National Conference is a 3-day virtual event that will explore the various dimensions of digitalization process, adoption strategy and new avenue of income source as well in the new normal context.       


Conference Theme:

"Leading Innovation in the Digital Era"


Conference Objectives:

The conference will provide a dynamic platform to:

  • Explore the latest digital trends, developments and challenges in cooperative in the new normal era
  • Make management focus on common and unique digital platform for smart world or work
  • Identify the digital business potentials on cooperatives to cooperatives business
  • Promote and leverage Management Information System for quality data analysis
  • Make cooperative engage on social media campaign, digital marketing, e-learning platforms
  • Identify future digital directions and strategies to cope with competitive digital world

Prospective Participants:

Approximately 200-250 participants are expected at the conference over the course of the three days, including:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Senior Level Managers
  • Cooperative Chairmen


Conference Structure:

The conference will be organized over from December 7-9, 2021 virtually, and is intended to provide
a platform for increasing digitization of the world of work, active exchange, hands-on learning and sharing and will consist of:

Keynote and Plenary Presentations:Inspiring speakers from National and International organizations and beyond will set the scene and outline key approaches to create an enabling environment on adopting digitization in a new normal world of cooperatives. A well-researched based papers covering changed aspects of service delivery through digital platform is explored.


Refreshment Sessions:Each day a session of refreshment and demonstration via musical or role play will be broadcasted. The participantsare expected to entertain and focus on the next plenary session.


Closing Ceremony: Brief closing session with immediate key findings of event is identified for betterperformance in the future. 


Proposed Papers:

Day I : December 07







What is digital Transformation in Cooperatives?


Mr. IndraGurung

Master Consciousness Coach

Visionary International Pvt. Ltd.


Digital Transformation in Nepal, Needs and Prospects

Dr. Manohar Bhattarai

First Computer Engineer, Nepal



Day II : December 08







Technology adoption in cooperatives, Current Practice (Khalti/Cosys/SCT)

(Technical Presentation)





Digital Technology: How is it possible in cooperatives?

Mr. BadriGuragain

Chief Executive Officer

National Cooperative Bank Ltd.


Day III: December 09







E-Commerce in Cooperatives: Connecting Products, transforming competitions



All China Federation of Supply and Marketing


Digital Participation enhanced the governance in Cooperatives



Nepal Central Bank Ltd.


Registration Fee:

Registration fees are equal for both individual and organizational participants.


Registration Fees

NPR 5000 (Five Thousand Only) each Participant


For any inquiries regarding the forum, please contact: ncfconference@gmail.com or call: 01-5010033, 5010116


Sponsoring Opportunity:

Since the technology enhancement is based on the collaborative approach within stakeholders, NCF provide opportunity to sponsor the program to showcase their digital product and online platforms to attract cooperatives for business promotion. Prospective organizations could include their scheme under the following terms:

  • The proposed digital product must be related to cooperatives and their business
  • The potential organizations are given opportunity to intake a session for their technical presentations
  • The sponsoring amount is based on the session covered by the respective organizations
  • For each one-hour session the potential organizations could pay NPR 1,00,000



NCF is supposed to publish forum flyer, social media contents and registration platform prior to the program. Participants are required to fill-up online registration form and pay their fees in advance. 


Online Platform:

The three day events apply ZOOM virtual platform to deliver contents and sessions. The registered participants will be sent a ZOOM link prior to the program date.


Expected Outputs and Outcomes:

  • Significant numbers of cooperative professionals understand and assimilate on the current trend and challenges of digitization process for future mapping
  • Cooperatives are able to adopt the possible digital means to communicate and execute with their members, community and stakeholders
  • Cooperatives adopt digital technology to enhance their business

Digitalization in cooperatives change the cooperatives' working world of work